Conquer operational challenges

and embrace Change. 

COVID-19 response : We are dedicated to helping our customers and partners strive through this challenging situation.

We provide support to businesses in making well advised decisions during operational restructuring due to the global outbreak.

Operations should remain in the main focuses of a forward thinking, growth oriented organization. We're here to help.


Operational Excellence

Optimizing current processes in one or multiple areas of your organization. Working with your management and operational teams to standardize operations where the best and most needed value can be added, to reduce variations and wastes of many forms.


◦ Decluttering day-to-day Operations

◦ Increasing Productivity 

◦ Improving Moral 

◦ Maximizing Value 


Implementing a wide array of platforms and solutions from our partners to support operations in overcoming their next challenges.

Pushing the organization into a full technological strategy is crucial in modernization.

◦ ERP Solutions

◦ CRM Solutions

◦ Financial Solutions

◦ Automation Solutions

Operational Innovation

Transforming your organization to get the most value gain of harmonized processes, technology and people behaviour across functions. Working thoroughly on iterative, continuous and collaborative operational improvements. 

◦ Delivering Organisation Strategy

◦ Engaging All Workforce

◦ Leading Disruptive Transition

◦ Maximizing Impact 

Leadership and Governance

Technological, sociological and geographical factors are pushing competitiveness to new peaks every day. Questions regarding growth, operating models, and most of all, sustainability must be addressed with competitive agility.

◦ Sustainable Business Development

◦ Mergers and Acquisitions

◦ Shareholder Value

◦ Mission, Values and Purpose


Structuring and securing key financial aspects of a business to support growth, de-scaling or maturity to ensure longevity and feasibility of corporate projects. Protecting and leveraging continuity of business.

◦ Project Financing

◦ Identifying Financial Partners

◦ Corporate Restructuring

◦ Assessing Financial SWOT


Providing support for organizations

in finding the appropriate certifications to obtain, the appropriate auditor and guiding the management team in fulfilling the requirements to obtain specific certifications. 

◦ Food-Chain Management Systems

◦ Quality Management Systems

◦ Environmental Quality 

◦ Public Financial Accreditations

We achieve mesurable results by supporting the customer in implementing actionnable changes through time.


What we believe in.

Conquer operational challenges and embrace change. We believe success emerges from engaging your people throughout the process, from initial idea to continuous assessment. Building trust with a diversified, involved, focused team, will nourish internal capabilities and facilitate sustainability of applied solutions.


We focus on delivering practical and lasting results to help you grow and lead, while always assuring appropriate ressources are available to meet new requirements. Our solutions ensure your organization thrives within its defined strategy and goals, yet retains its core attributes and identity. Twenty first century challenges deserve more action than spreadsheets and keynotes, and so does your organization.

Myriam Filion, Founder


A philosophy that puts people in control of progress.



Working with both existing and new manufacturing operations, we are involved with organizations seeking opportunities and process innovations.


When specialized professional services firms require structure, proper growth planning, operational scaling and preparedness, we provide solutions and support.

Food Processing

Creating behaviour based compliance methods and processes, to maintain an alignment with sustainable workforce training.

Warehousing and Logistics

Assisting our customers in operating more efficiently in all aspects of the logistical workflow, we provide the stepping stones for organizations to cope with demand and rapid customer rotations.

Service Industry

Service companies seeing rapid growth need procedures, order and communication to support and actively maintain workflow.

Civil Engineering

Large scale projects benefit from workflow enhancements and constant optimization. Businesses involved in such projects see direct advantages.